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Cori is excited to be part of this event with Maureen Enns: 

Bluerock Gallery is proud to present the recent work of Maureen Enns featuring local wild horses and wild wolves from southern Alberta.  Maureen’s experience of observing these wild animals in their natural habitat has resulted in some provocative and challenging insights as presented in a best-selling book Wild Horses, Wild Wolves.  The fine art pieces that Maureen has created back in her studio of these amazing animals are riveting images, with wild movement and bold colour combinations.  As ever, Maureen pushes her own edges to create art that challenges us to see things differently, and with fresh perspectives.

Bluerock Gallery in Black Diamond, Alberta, June 21, 2014, 6 – 9pm  PUBLIC PRESENTATION with Maureen Enns | Wild Horses Wild Wolves: Artist as Naturalist **Featuring Alberta singer/songwriter Cori Brewster singing the song she has  written for Maureen and her work!**

(NOTE: Location for the talk is Griffiths Senior Centre, 122 Government Road, Black Diamond, AB, which is 1/2 block from Bluerock Gallery.)

  Bluerock Gallery 110 Centre Ave. W, Black Diamond, Alberta 


For ages, I have wanted to be brave enough to post my paintings on my web site...

                                           Well here they are: click the link and enjoy!

You Tube video: Paintings

     Nature in Focus Hiking: See the Rockies like you never have, and enjoy one of my songs:

                                                     Click here:  You tube video:My Familiar Sky


  Recent Performances: 

                          Alberta Culture Days, Performance at the Whyte Museum, Sunday Sept 29, 2-4pm

                                     Canadian Country Music Week, Edmonton, September 5-8, 2013

                                                            Writing in Nashville, Oct 4-22, 2013

                                                TEDx, Canmore, Silver Tip Golf Resort, Performance, Oct 25, 2013

  November 4, 2013 Canmore Public Library Speaker Series

7:30 PM, Canmore:  Wild Horses, Wild Wolves
  Maureen will deliver a fun illustrated lecture with Cori Brewster to sing "Valley of the Ghost" to end the program. Books will be available for purchase. 


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`Buffalo Street’ is a collection of beautiful stories inspired by the rich history of the Canadian Rockies and its people. Cori continues her commitment to the craft of songwriting and attention to detail that so effectively evokes a time, a sense of place, a character and of course a range of emotion.

  • CKUA-David Ward's Fab Five pick for CD of the year.
  • XM 14 The Village Top Tracks for September #1 Trono
  •  # 2 on CKUA (May 31-June 13,2009)
  • #1 Top Canadian Album from FOLKDJ (USA & Canada Folk Radio Programs) July
  • #1 Top Canadian Song `Trono’ from FOLKDJ-July
  • #2 Top Canadian Artist from FOLKDJ- July
  • 4½ stars out of 5 from Maverick Magazine based in the UK.
  • Reviews in Maverick, Sing Out magazine and Penguin Eggs

                               What some reviewers have said about Buffalo Street

As a veteran and leading exponent of Canada’s storied folk heritage, Brewster’s mastery of the music’s many styles is unquestioned. Accomplished Canadian folk-country singer, Cori Brewster, returns with her fourth album, a wonderful collection of (mainly) self-penned songs inspired by her family and characters associated with them over the past hundred years or so in Banff. With an ear for a great melody and the storyteller’s insight for spinning a compelling yarn, Brewster puts both and more, on display with such compelling songs as My Familiar Sky, inspired by long-distance love letters written almost eighty years ago, or Diamond Hitch which explores the lives of the pioneers of the Canadian Rockies more than 140 years ago. With vocal inflections that sound clear-as-mountain-stream authentic, Brewster’s songs of love’s travails and the struggle to find meaning in hard times, really strike home on tunes such as Written In My Name, That Was Hell and the wonderful Take Me Back To Ireland a Celtic-tinged song yearning for Ireland and inspired by her great-great grandfather who moved to Canada during the Irish famine of the 1800s.Highly recommended." ****1/2    MAVERICK MAGAZINE-UK, Alan Cackett

Edmonton Journal-Roger Levesque"Buffalo Street is a fascinating set of historical portraits translated into song, by this gifted singer-songwriter...personalized with atmosphere, imagery and entertaining details".

CKUA-Bob Chelmick (Road Home)"When I heard 'Buffalo Street', I just felt like giving you the biggest hug for creating such a gorgeous collection of have found the fulfillment of your musical calling in these kind of moving character sketches... I love a good story, a great melody, and an artist who brings a passion to her work - and lets it live in her songs. That's why I feel so grateful for 'Buffalo Street''.

CFMU-Jim Marino"I will play all of it...I think it is (so far) the best of 09...what a gem, a winner from beginning to end".

See Magazine-Curtis Wright"With this release, Brewster joins a distinguished group of Albertan vocalists — people like the legendary Ian Tyson and that hurtin’ Albertan, Corb Lund — who share her affinity for storytelling and times gone by".

Herizon Magazine-Cindy Filipenko"Cori Brewster writes songs that capture the essence of a place better than most...Brewster has handily managed to turn these narratives into engaging folk songs.The musicianship on Buffalo Street is top notch..., Buffalo Street is an important one, as it represents folk music in the truest sense, recording history through lyric and melody, so that a culture’s important moments are not lost. Give this woman an Order of Canada for telling us about what Banff was before it became just another tourist Mecca".